Top 10 Most Popular PC Games 2018

Top 10 Most Popular PC Games 2018


What kind of games do we look forward to and what are our eagerly anticipated titles? In this article I will talk about personal PC games that we can hardly wait to play in 2018!

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1. Cyberpunk 2077

Although the official Twitter profile of this 2018 game has been postponed after four years of inactivity, we must admit that the Cyberpunk 2077 will most likely only be observed during this year. Hype is real and sales would surely be good and CD Project will release this game tomorrow. However, according to their earlier allegations, they want a game at the GTA performance level, which means they must be promoted in advance by a series of video material. But this is still to come, and the CD Project in support does not go to the accusation that the production process for this game is quite chaotic and that employees are under the maximum stress while doing this game.

2. The Last of Us: Part II

You will probably proclaim me crazy if I say that the sequel to The Last of Us is completely unnecessary. Or to be more precise, I think the story of Joel and Ellie is completely rounded up with regard to that end. But the second chapter arrives, and when it is already so, I’m glad Naughty Dog will apologize to him from more perspectives, or through new characters. Not to say that I like what a beautifully dark tone plays. If we look at Naughty Dog’s previous work, they usually throw new games every two years, unless they are involved in side-by-side projects. In that case, the development of the new game will be risen for three years. Uncharted 4 came out in 2016, Lost Legacy has gone into a separate game, leaving us with a book that The Last of Us: Part II is very likely to come – 2019. It would be logical with the Sony side if the PlayStation 5 does not reach by 2020. years.

3. Beyond Good and Evil 2

Games that are conspicuously compared with the GTA series usually have a bad destiny. Out of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 no one asked for a game on the scale of the space GTA title, but Rayman’s creator skips the entire generation of consoles to accomplish this vision. If the promise of full freedom of movement on different planets is indeed fulfilled, the BGAE2 will be a gamble, Ubisoft’s sleeve, meaning No Man’s Sky. It may not have much to do with the predecessor ahead, but after 15 years we will accept the very fact that something imaginative is coming to us. It could be said that this game has been in development for more than ten years, but it is true that most of the development process has gone to set the groundwork through the technology, or the launcher Ubisoft Montpellier specially designed for Ancel’s vision. Game developer last year said the game was actually at the very beginning of the development, although half of the work itself was already done because the engine was a key pillar of development that depended on everything else.

4. Ghost of Tsushima

Fans of Assassin’s Creeda have long wanted an action game about samurai and fascinating Japanese culture. This wish may someday be fulfilled, but we will soon be greeted by the Ghost of Tsushima, the exclusive PS4 remote play pc that will put the open world of feudal Japan ahead of us. We will play in the role of samurai Jina who will lead the battle against Mongolia, more precisely their leader described by developers as “an unpleasant reasonable killer”. If that is not the best description for the antagonist, then we do not know what it is. The new game of inFamous creators has just been announced recently so we do not count on it in 2018. However, two factors go in the hope of making this Japanese adventure available in the US in the next 12 months. First, the game is in development for almost three years. Second, Sony has recently changed the strategy with its exclusives and announces them only when they are nearing the release, not the God of War announced two years before the end of the game. By that logic, Ghost of Tsushima may be closer than we think it is.

5. Death Stranding

we know that this will be an action game, very likely a shooter, and that it will have a certain type of interaction between players, not necessarily competitive. The chance to see this game in 2018 is actually very real. Sony has recently discovered that the development of the game runs faster than they hoped, so Death Stranding might not be so far away from you … whatever it was in the end.

6. Lost Sphear

In the spiritual successor of the game “I Am Setsuna” Tokyo RPG Factory studio offers another classical retro “old school” jRPG wonderful presentations as well as predictable elements. Although Lost Sphear is a fairly adventurous adventurer in his humble way, his biggest problem is that, as a predominantly old school project, he is not trying anything out of the way ambitious, new or interesting. This is why developers confirm that they have mastered the basics, something that they have already had with Setsun two years ago. But more than these basics, however, is too big a bite they do not plan to catch. Perhaps the best thing about Lost Sphear is that of Setsunin, which is a charming visual presentation with so-called “chibi” characters. This is what the characters are a bit tired, with short legs and long handles. However, Lost Sphear is trying to move away from his predecessor by delivering a new story, other characters and fresh issues.

7. Fe

In an unnamed magical world of inhumane animals, an archeotic conflict between good and evil rules. Homosexuals of various beings are threatened by the inexhaustible two-legged beasts called Silent Ones, and one small creature of the big heart is ready to sacrifice their youth to save the magical forest from the embrace of darkness. As the winner does not have enough bravery but a certain set of skills, the mini-protagonist Fe, which is easiest to compare with a fox, will associate himself with other creatures to restore disturbed peace.

8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

There are unknown and unexplored portions of ancient Egypt with you, and as soon as you open a map of the game, you are informed: here are your opponents of level 20-25. How fair is I know that? Am I a godfather just because I am a player? Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a RPG title that is in this respect a real refreshment, some even a cold shower. In fact, not only in regard to the restraint in informing the player, but also of placing it in a privileged role only because it controls the protagonist of the story.

9. Need for Speed Payback

The game follows an embarrassingly serious revenge story, apologized by charismatic figures as well as their busy cars. The same action takes place through several missions where you drive a raunchy car, usually strange, and do some crazy things on the Fortune Valley Roads. To be more precise, those crazy stuff performs more often through animation, which is why the action in NFS is quickly lost to adrenaline.

10. Call of Duty: WWII

Decently in this case means exactly what you would expect of a Call of Duty game, and not much more than that. The campaign is firmly directed and scripted, and the multiplayer is recognizably conservative for the terms of today’s shooters. The advantage of all this is that Call of Duty: WWII slides without any need for instructions. There’s nothing to do with the futuristic Infinite Warfare you have to push to World War II since both fronts in the performance of Call of Duty games are very similar.

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