The best Alternative of Whatsapp

The best Alternative of Whatsapp


People in large number nowadays are dependent on messaging apps because they help them to connect with each other. No matter, youngsters or the old age group, everyone is dependent on these messaging apps nowadays. Well, Whatsapp is the most widely used app among all the users. But people have now started feeling bored with using the same app regularly.

Though the WhatsApp or Gbwhatsapp app owner keeps on updating this app regularly, people are not finding it much interesting. And I think you are one of them that is why you are here in search of the best WhatsApp alternative app. Well, of course, I am here to apprise you about the best alternatives only. So, let’s go through some apps which people are using as the Whatsapp alternative.

The best Alternative of Whatsapp


Viber is proved to be the best WhatsApp alternative. People in large number are switching to this app. This app includes features such as chat, of course, animated stickers, instant video/voice messaging, and thousands of gifts. Well, it also uses numbers to identify the friend list of the user, and so, it is a type of Viber WhatsApp. There is no specific platform, where you can use Viber, instead, you can use it on Android, iOS, Bada, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian. You can simultaneously message up to a hundred people at a time and can share colorful emojis. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it not only sounds interesting, but it is actually interesting.


Its high-level security, transparency, and privacy features, it is recommended as another best WhatsApp alternative. Some remarkable features of this app are, you are allowed for media messages for video, audio, pictures, and documents, you can do text and group messages, and, of course, video as well as voice calls. Well, if you are using the Android version, you can use it as an SMS app. Another most unique feature of Signal WhatsApp, for automatically deleting the messages, you can set a timer.


So, guys, after the two best WhatsApp alternative apps, Skype is my third recommendation. It is another widely used app among youngsters. It is an authentic application which will allow you to have the best quality calls with your Skype contacts national or international. Well, its application is merged with Hotmail, so, you can even connect with your email contacts. Isn’t it different? And of course, you can text your friends also instead of calling every time. Unlike, the other two apps, you don’t need your mobile number, to make friends. You need a username and email with a tricky password to connect with your friends.


More than three hundred million people across the world are using this app. People of almost all the countries in the world can use it, and they are using. Having a smartphone means, you should have Line installed in it. It is a remarkable app. Well, Line also requires the phone contact numbers for contacting other people. You can easily share graphics, messages, videos, and audios with your friends. If you have registered your email on Line, you can install it on your PCs, and MacOS. So, it is not necessary, that, you can only use your mobile phones to use the Line app. You can use Line app on your Android version, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, and ASHA.


So, my last, as well as the fifth recommendation of The best Alternative of Whatsapp, is Hangouts. This app fetters all national and international Google accounts. Hangouts can easily work on all iOS and Android versions, and it works on the web on Google+ or Gmail. It is not yet, so, popular as Viber or other alternatives, users who are using this app are quite satisfied with its features.

You can exchange messages, photos, videos, audios, and different emojis to express your feelings and emotions to the person you are talking.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are the best three Whatsapp alternatives which you can use if you are bored of using Whatsapp. Well, I found these apps interesting which supports fabulous features. So, guys, its time to try something new or say a better alternative. So, install them, make an id, and start using them. Thank You.

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