Strike Force Heroes 4: How to play?

Strike Force Heroes 4 is another excellent shooter game released by Sky9 Games. In this series of Strike Force Heroes, the player will have to face a lot of action, shooting, and essential strategies. These are pertinently required to complete the missions. This series comes with two modes. The first mode is the Campaigns mode, and it is comparatively easy to finish as long as you have the essential weapons and a fantastic team.

The Game: Strike Force Heroes 4

If you have played the earlier Strike Force Series, then you might be aware of the rules and regulations of the game. With season 4, there are some changes as you have the flexibility to pick the team of soldiers. Besides, the weapons can be unlocked upon finishing the mission. Now, you can also buy the guns with the money that you have earned after winning the mission. You can be lucky if you can get a powerful and unique weapon playing along with the slot machine.

Earlier players will know that the game is simple but spectacular. The structure of the game is so well organized. The maps are well made, and the options from the menu are user-friendly. With amazing graphics and superb sound effects, this game is attracting a lot of new gamers. Also, the specific outcome of the game rests on the wealth option along with the various range of weapons that are introduced in the game. Interestingly, all the weapons are different from each other, the game has 65 guns and arms at your disposal, each unlocking after winning every battle. Gamers who are love shooting will best enjoy the game.

Check The Keys for Smooth Controlling

For players who are new, moving arrows is easy with the keyboards and Arrow Keys. For going up and jumping, press the Up key or W. For going right, press the Right Key or D. For turning left use the left key or A. Also, when there are times you need to crouch, Press S or the down arrow key. Interestingly, you can also change your rifle or the pistol that you are using while playing the game. You can do this by pressing the Q button. Aim and shoot with the help of your the mouse.

With great diversity in the style and various plots, it is one of the leading shoot game for gamers. Five different players can be added, and each one has a different set of up and downs. Moreover, you can upgrade the guns after every round of battle, so that you can have a better aiming weapon. Unlike any other shooting and killing games, you can amazingly double your cash and go for purchasing different guns with advanced features and many other new types of equipment.

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