Resin 3D Printer

Resin 3D Printer

Sometimes, the dimension that technology has reached today may seem unbelievable to people. Every day we saw a new product, a new item or a machine. One of these developments is on 3D printer systems and resin 3D printer. So, what is a 3D printer and what does it do?

What is a resin 3D Printer and for what purpose can it be used?

3D printers, that is, resin 3D printer as the name suggests, are the machines that enable 3D objects that are designed in a virtual environment to be transformed into concrete objects by turning them into a solid form. Thanks to a resin 3D printer, we can produce almost as many apparatuses as we need today. In short, you can print the required apparatus, prototype any design you draw, and print out an object you scanned with the help of a resin 3D printer. You can even create your own product using any of these methods. In short, all you need is your imagination.

History of 3D Printers

In fact, the history of the resin 3D printer doesn’t go too far. This technology was first used by Charless Hull in 1984. Then, in the 90s, the technology in this area has progressed rapidly and the first color printing has been achieved in America. When the year 2005, with the RepRap project, resin 3D printer appeared, where people could prototype even their own parts, and even quickly extended to our homes. But what could the humanity who wanted further every time have aimed at the printers? Of course, by reducing costs, a technology that will affect every area from textile, medical, food to military use.

How 3D Printers Work?

The main working principles of resin 3D printer are based on a production method called layered manufacturing. Many raw materials can be used for printing while working with these printers. But still, the main preferred material is usually a thermoplastic material called a filament. Although 3D printers have been produced for different alternatives in recent years, the solution that still produces the most economical and robust products is 3D printing devices using SLA resin.

Resin 3D Printer

Resin 3D printer is used in 3D printing technology, especially to produce medical products. In fact, MRI or tomography patients have a very important place in their preoperative planning.
In addition, in resin 3D printer technology, production is usually carried out using standard resins. Resins, which are also widely used in the jewelry field, show the feature of candles and allow easy mold removal. In addition, resin 3D printer can be used in dental fields, mechanical prototypes or model prototyping works.

What are the Advantages of Resin 3D Printing?

Today, we can list the advantages of resin 3D printer technology, which has been used in almost all sectors, as follows:

  • First, it is faster than any other equivalent technology.
  • The production of particularly functional parts is both faster and more efficient compared to other technologies.
  • If the production table is to be prepared effectively and efficiently, multiple productions can be made from the same part. This significantly reduces the cost of time.
  • Since its surface sensitivity is very high, it can produce thin and detailed models that its layers are not felt.

We can say that the only disadvantage that can be counted for now is its cost since it is a new technology. But thanks to the company Dragonresin, it is now very easy to find both high quality and affordable 3D resin. As someone who has tried all SLA resin products on sale, I am sure that you will be very satisfied with the products of this company.

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