How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

We live in a generation where people text before they talk. Two people sitting next to each other prefer chatting using their phones rather than talking or communicating in person. We text each other just for the sake of making or engaging in a conversation. When we reach a person’s place, instead of ringing the bell we prefer sending a message or calling them. There is no doubt about the fact that we live in the digital age. We make memories through texts on our mobile phones.

Social media sites that allow us to text for hours and hours non-stop are now a major part of our lives. Texting has now become a memory maker for us. And sometimes important information is sent using texts, if lost it can cause a lot of trouble for the sender. When a message is deleted from your chat box or inbox, it will not disappear from the receivers message box.

It is a noted fact that you cannot press an undo button to retrieve your messages, there is a long process that you can use to recover deleted FB messages. It is also critical to understand that it is not possible to recover messages from Facebook, but you can attempt to do it from other sources. Once you hit the delete button, your message is officially gone. But there is no need to worry; you can follow the following steps to recover deleted facebook messages.

Lost or not?

You should make sure that your message or conversation has actually been deleted. Check your archived messages, and you should also try to find your conversation in your inbox. There is a chance that you might have lost the conversation in your inbox. If you are trying to find an older conversation, there is a chance that it is lost deep in the list that shows your chats, so you can try to find the older conversations by looking through the list of conversations you have made in the past years.

The recipient to the rescue

Another way to recover fb messages is to ask the person on the receiving end of the conversation to send you a copy or screenshot of the conversation or message. If that message included an important picture or file, the receiver could send that to you as well. Whenever you delete a conversation whether it is by accident or not the messages will still remain in the inbox of the receiver, this is the easiest way to recover deleted facebook messages. But if you don’t want to bother the recipient by asking for screenshots or copies of the lost conversation you can use another method to recover fb messages.

How to recover deleted facebook messages

Through email

You might have noticed that you get notifications about your Facebook activities on your email id. The email address on which you get this notification is the one you use for logging in to your facebook account. Usually, you will get notifications about messages unless you have unsubscribed from getting them on your email address.

If you want to make sure that you receive notifications about your messages on your email id you should follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click on the menu icon on the top right corner. It looks like a drop-down menu icon.
  2. Select the option settings
  3. Click on the notifications tab
  4. Click on email
  5. Under the WHAT YOU’LL RECEIVE section, click on the checkbox next to All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from.

Downloading messages

You can also download messages to your computer through a simple process. Follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click on the menu icon on the top right corner. It looks like a drop-down menu icon.
  2. Select the option settings
  3. Click on your Facebook information tab
  4. Click on download your information: download a copy of your information to keep or to transfer to another device.
  5. You can download a copy of your Facebook information at any time. There is a choice between downloading all of it, or you can also select only the types of information you want to download. You can choose to receive your information in an HTML format that is easy to view, which could allow another service to more easily import it.
    Downloading your information is a password-protected process that only you will have access to. Once you’ve created a file, you will be able to download the information. You can also view your information without downloading it; you can Access your information at any time.
  6. After selecting the various information that you want on your file click on the create file option.
  7. The file might take a few hours to process, and after that, you can download it.
  8. It will be saved on your computer as a zip file.
  9. Double-click on the zip folder to open it, you can either extract the files, or you can click on a specific file to open it.




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