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PUBG’s new 4×4 map Sanhok, earlier known as Savage, is for players who are up for a little more feisty challenge than usual. In this article, we have collected together everything that you need to comprehend about the new PUBG map itself. The new map update includes new highlights such as the hopefully soon-to-arrive tuk-tuk vehicle, the new popular scooter, plus suggestions for the best Sanhok source locations.

Sanhok- The New PUBG Map

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The most precise point to understand about the map is, of course, it is smaller than the other two maps Erangel and Miramar- with both of these evolving in at 8 kilometers by 8 kilometers. The new Sanhok measures four by four kilometer. Moreover, the player count sticking is hundred per course.

Earlier updates proposed additional changes after the release based on player feedback though, therefore remember, the players should not expect the map to persist motionlessly!

When it comes to the update, the main difference to actual gameplay is the pace which is indeed all that you can predict about the map on first publish. The new map is half the size of Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok produces desperate early-game firefights, still a reasonably quiet mid-game, including racing circles to speed up the movement to the late-game.

Specific Changes With Sanhok

  • Weather is back- Contentious climate situations like the cloud, fog, and rain have come back. They were disliked at first, but the hardcore population was seeking their recovery for some time, and the developers are especially captivated to see them back and to mix up the play styles all over again.
  • New and unfinished buildings – surprisingly, unique building forms are in the mix, but these could still improve before the map launches appropriately and apparently after it begins, understanding the PUBG functionality. Although experts always suggest learning their plans to reach to the top.
  • Weapon spawns – The more is the gear, it helps to breed faster, in brief. Positively, ARs, SMGs, and DMRs generate more often; every object spawn rate is paced up by 5 percent upon comparison to round 4 of the Sanhok testing. Moreover, the 8x and 15x ranges do not produce at all on Sanhok, other than in care boxes.
  • The group now spawns instantly – no more fervent waiting period before the player’s movement. The white circle now begins immediately, providing you a quick opinion of where you need to travel next and whereby how long you have to.

Sanhok Start Positions, Plans and Where to Land

The developers will update the dedicated guide to PUBG loot places on all maps with Sanhok details soon. But, for now, check these highlights.

Camp Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie – Three mini army camps are found in comparable places in the east, west, and south of the island. Besides this, they are all pretty significant the same way: confused if there exists a long flyover, and a bit less turbulent if the plane’s farther away. The player must know that loot must be brilliant.

Ruins – It is a small network of tunnels and chambers loaded with high-grade level three loot. The adjacent pillars outdoor have some remarkable available loot.

Mongnai – A sweet little mystery in this area is the extreme north-east corner of the map. It looks like a coconut farm. We saw a Level thee vest and an M24 here in one of the visits. The loot is inadequate, but is amazingly high class, and can be found everywhere in the midst of the farm as well as in a few constructions.

Paradise Resort and Boot camp – Both the camps are enormous, convenient, high-density areas and if you are a vivid player of PUBG, you will be aware of what that means. Complete carnage, but loads of loot. Great for fascinating warm-up play or scapegoat practice, however, it is not approved with the actual winning round.

Docks – A smaller version of Erangel’s Novoporonye, these docks are loaded with climbable shipping boxes including fabulous loot on them. Still, beware it is reluctant to traverse and transmits you somewhat exposed.

Quarry – There will be no PUBG without a quarry, but in reality, this one is flooded. Extremely high-quality loot but it is spread out. It is excellent for a crew, looks to the group’s climbable boxy blocks for the greatest loot mass. But, beware the vantage positions that appear over you from all sides as you scavenge.

Mountaintop Ruins – It is a much miniature set of ruins that is mostly one of the outside pillars and two little warehouse-shaped structures. The loot is mediocre but seldom challenged, and it presents the player with an excellent vantage score from the unique part of the map. Just be careful as the player might get stuck in the mountains and cliffs as they try to come down.

Pontoons – There are shore side pontoons which are a small boat like structures which are out on a sea with little jetty bridges. They consist of a decent amount of loot if the player can adequately scavenge them. You can find half a dozen of them within the structures nearby. The player must be careful enough so that they do not come into the hands of the enemies, right at the edge of the map especially when the blue circuit begins to roll in.

More About the 4×4 Map-Sanhok

Sanhok comes with some extra goodies with it. The SLR, a DMR that uses both AR and DMR appendages, has been attached over the game, but Sanhok too has an elite weapon named the QBZ. It is an entirely electronic AR that applies 5.56mm rounds and looks a lot similar like the AUG A3 which you will find in care packs.

The care packages holds 30 rounds per mag, increased up to 40, and restores the SCAR-L in the object pool, determining the SCAR-L will not reproduce at all on Sanhok (it also produces about 1.4x as frequently as the SCAR-L prepared earlier).

Sanhok has a pair of private carriers as well as weapons. The players will find the new Scooter as a surprising addition out, plus it resembles like accepting a tuk-tuk vehicle on Sanhok. Although the announcement of that has been delayed to September 2018, everyone is looking forward to flipping this unstable-looking carriage coming down the hills.




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