PUBG Loot Map for Erangel, Miramar, Map 3 & Sanhok

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has three maps where the gamer can play and are accessible on PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Xbox, and PUBG PS4. The maps are PUBG Map Erangel, PUBG Map Miramar, and PUBG Map Sanhok. The latest addition is the Sanhok map which is way smaller than the other two maps. The current map is witnessing its fair dose of performance on the PC version of PUBG. However, if you are operating the Battle Royale game with your mobile phone, then it might so happen you are not correctly aware of the loot locations that Sanhok is offering.

PUBG’s Erangel

It is the game’s primary playable map, which is set out on an 8 km X 8 km grid, presenting it to be four times larger than the new release Sanhok map. Amidst such a huge playing area, one could strategically plan their drop to maximise their endurance through the beginning stages of the game. Additionally, one might discover themselves utilising vehicles on an occasional exclusive base to cross beyond this lovely map.

Erangel highlights a combination of towns, small cities, a power plant and a fighting place dotted over extensive green lands, enabling the player to investigate it with higher interest. The map gives excellent weather, and with long distances, one can assume all kinds of gunfights, including powerful short rounds or the long-range rifleman attacks. There is no unique weaponry available on Erangel. SCAR-L advance rifle comes nearby as it only highlights on Erangel and Miramar.

Loot Areas of the PUBG MAP

One can discover most of the loot at the accompanying three loot sections in the Erangel map. Nevertheless, one should be remarkably precise as these areas usually are crowding with other contestants throughout the first stages of the game.

  • The Sosnovka Military Base: Situated in the south island, the Sosnovka Military Base is one of the safest areas in the game where you can discover regular loot that consists of large amounts of weapons, armour, and attachments.
  • School – The position of the school is in the middle of the Erangel map and is the most attractive areas amongst the players due to the vicinity of the location. A player can easily find the right loads of loot that incorporates assault rifles, DMRs, and mostly gears from level two.
  • Mylta Power – Established in the east, the Mylta Power is a power plant that allows high volumes of excellent loot including sniper rifle accessories and military gear of level three. Other regions that contain moderate amounts of loot combine the Pochinki, Gerogepol, Prison, and Novorepnoye.

PUBG’s Miramar

PUBG’s Miramar is the second-playable map which is being released by the group behind the license. Like Erangel, this map too is set out on an 8 kilometre by 8-kilometre grid. This is providing the contestants unlimited freedom of option to organise their program to become the last man standing carefully. Nevertheless, unlike the rich green field of Erangel, the Miramar highlights a desert setting with minimum foliage. Constructions are the single sources of an alternative if one is thinking to withdraw action for most of the game.

Loot Areas of the PUBG MAP

One could find the greatest loot at the following three loot areas in the Miramar map. However, one should be notably careful as these stretches usually are crowding with other players during the initial stages of the game.

  • Prison – The position of the prison is in the south-west edge of the map, away from all the activity that usually happens at the centre of Miramar. Nevertheless, the jail on a little island is a beautiful spot for players who are watching for loot highlighting weapons and armour.
  • Pecado – The Pecado allows high-quality loot but highlights stiff opposition through the primary grades of the game due to its positioning in the heart of the map. Some of the players tend to drop towards the centre, and one must act with prudence to drive within the turmoil seen while assembling the loot.
  • Campo Militar – The establishment of the Campo Militar faces the north-east angle of the map. To reach this spot, you need extensive travelling, and they need to parachute themselves to get into the central area of the map. Additional loot avenues in Miramar comprise of the Planta Potabilizadora and Hacienda Del Patron.

PUBG’s Sanhok

Unlike the other PUBG maps, Sanhok has a specific design, so that the players on the map face a faster speed throughout the course. The map is 4 kilometre X 4 kilometre, which is four times tinier than the others offering an enhanced difficulty level.

Encouraged by the rainforests of the Southeast Asian region, Sanhok highlights lush greenery that is dotted with houses, ruins and military bases adjacent to a communicative road and river network. Most importantly, the map indicates the return of the climate system to the gameplay simultaneously with excellent defence spawns for a quicker gameplay action.

Besides, the map produces in a couple of expensive and exclusive vehicles and weaponry. The new list includes the QBZ 95 assault rifle and the QBU88 Designated Marksman rifle.

Loot Areas of the PUBG MAP

One could find the highest loot at the accompanying three loot fields in the Sanhok map:

  • Ruins – The dotted remains with loot cross multiple floors presenting it as a hotly-contested state throughout the initial stages of the game. And one must possess enough firepower to withstand the early assault.
  • Bootcamp – This area is famous for sheltering tonnes of weaponry and is a perfect place for people want to stock up before they enter the conflict zone through the final stages of the round.
  • Camp Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie – This area does not offer much loot, but as the observation goes, these three camps have a comparatively high amount of spawn property, driving mass players towards these places. Additional sections of loots and interest include the Paradise Resort and the Docks.

Sanhok is one fourth the size of the other two existing maps on PUBG. Therefore, landing at positions near the corners of the map could help one player's game approach. This is because one does not require to cross considerable lengths to keep themselves in a secure zone.


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