Mine craft Texture Packs: Check Out Best Texture Packs for Mine craft

Minecraft’s vanilla art form is indeed iconic and elegant in its pixelated purity.

If it isn’t for you, or you’re merely looking for something distinct and exciting, there is no deficiency of classic resource packs that can be easily downloaded and installed to revamp your Minecraft experience completely!

In this content, we have highlighted some of our preferred resource packs to give a new life into Minecraft. All resource packs held in this study are cooperative with Minecraft’s 1.12.2 build except for Painterly Pack, though we have 1.12.2 fan-updated variant free for gamers


It defines itself as “RPG with a cartoon twist,” and we ’d that’s an actual story. We wouldn’t say it’s incredibly cartoony, as many of the textures are reasonably practical. This support pack sums fantasy-themed subtle finishes that are ideal for creating marvelous boroughs and manors. The package also contains the popular ore textures, which are practical and relate very well with ChromaHills overall aesthetic.


It is a long-time ideal resource pack, and though its first developer has long waited and then stopped working on the project, it is still affectionately supported by a massive team of patrons from inside the Minecraft association. Dokucraft appears in three distinct flavors—Light, High, and Dark—and the website highlights downloadable packs that give Dokucraft themed textures for favorite Minecraft add-ons.


Is a beautiful resource pack highlighting intricately specific blocks that are perfect for crafting elegant structures? The herbs, lawn, petals, rocks—all of it is actively developed and matches collectively well to allow a unique new charming Minecraft action. We unexpectedly love the items on wood pieces, including ornately sculpted gates and cement planks with elegantly illustrated wood grain texture. This is a large one for fans of full fantasy-themed texture packs, like the earlier discussed DokuCraft, to check out.

Modern HD Pack

The pack transforms Minecraft into a high definition action featuring soft textures motivated by features of the contemporary structural design. This pack is ideal for developers who are more involved in building exclusive bachelor homes and high-rise condos than feudal castles. The pack’s overworld assets complement the construction pieces quite well endeavoring the complete marriage of Minecraft’s honest overworld and the current day aesthetic.


The pack is favorite long-time beloved pack, though some years behind its developer declared that they don’t possess time to keep it modernized. A segment of people from the Minecraft Forum by the name of GerbilCrab475 has carried up the controls and has renewed Painterly Pack to a 1.12.2 agreeable build. If you’re operating Minecraft 1.10 or initial version, you will have no obstacles using the ready and new Painterly Pack. Positively, this is one will continue to see fan-made updates, as it has made its position as one of the most successful resource packs of all time.


There is no deficit of “cartoon” styled support texture packs over the years, and it is worth remarking that LoKiCraft is our supreme favorite. The package allows high definition textures with a cartoony surface that resembles something out of contemporary animation. People particularly love the textures used for crystal blocks, that highlights an essentially 3D texture effect followed by a glistening animation. If you’re watching for something brilliant and fun, this is the single pack for you!

John Smith Legacy

It is a fan-maintained line of the JohnSmith Texture Pack, which no longer accepts updates from its first developer. The pack stars beautiful, high clarity textures that are classic for a fantasy-themed Minecraft activity. It is worth noting that the pack does an excellent job of supporting Minecraft’s original aesthetic while thrusting the quality up a notch. Gamers are exceptionally affectionate of the timber and stone textures, which are lovely for building historic castles.


It is a unique, oversimplified resource pack that extends smooth and interesting textures related to the LoKiCraft above. It is a little less cartoonish than maximum others and does an exceptional work of keeping Minecraft’s primitive art form with incorporating smoother textures. This is a fabulous pack for those who fancy minimal textures and earns its addition on this list.

The Soartex

The stock pack appears in two separate characters, Fanver and Invictus, both productions of a stopped mod. The Minecraft community openly develops Fanver and stresses on a smooth, up-to-date style. Invictus reflects the pattern of the first Soartex pack more closely and is in private construction with information from the author of the first mod. They are sufficient enough in style, while still emphasizing particular characteristics that others would suggest downloading both versions and work according to your preference.

3D CreatorCraft

It is a fresh resource pack that combines a different dimension to Minecraft’s intersections. This pack joins three-dimensional textures with assistance for polygons that assist in making certain assets out and figure a bit more depth to Minecraft’s flat-textured world. Not every section will feature 3D elements, which can create a look slightly out of position, but overall this excellent piece confirms this pack’s extension to the list.

Have a look at the new packs and choose the one for you!


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