Wedding Invitation Apps to Save Money and Time

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When it comes to wedding invitations, couples nowadays are more focused on going paperless. According to recent research, around 31% of people use electronic invitations, while 41% use both paper and electronic invitations.

Weddings can seriously blow up your savings, and one way you can avoid extra expenses is by cutting down the paper invitation cost. The incredible invitation card maker apps are all you need to create the dream invites for your big day.

With an invitation maker app, you get access to hundreds of templates that you can customize according to your preference. Your wedding invitation card will look professional, trendy, unique, and beautiful without having to pay a designer.

The trend for invitation card maker online has reached new heights for the past few years. digital technology has tremendously helped modern couples plan their wedding while addressing the issues they face.

If you still think an online invitation card is not worth it, how about checking out these benefits before going digital.

Save Money

We have already emphasized on how online wedding invitations can save you lots of money. It’s a cold hard fact that once your wedding day ends, all your guests throw out the wedding invitation cards. Why waste hundreds of dollars on something that eventually winds up in the trash?

Most of all, a wedding invitation maker app saves you the production cost that designers charge. Instead, you can put this money towards other wedding arrangements such as drinks, food, or a great DJ.

Save Time

You don’t have to look out for wedding card designers or visit their offices. Just download an invitation maker app and design your wedding invitation using the available templates with just a few clicks.

Paper invitation cards are either sent via mail or in person. You can save your time here as well by simply sending the invitations to the email addresses directly from the invitation maker app.

Everyone Is Online

These days everyone has access to the internet. In case you have older relatives, who aren’t online yet, then maybe you can help them use your online wedding invitation. But this does not mean it should stop you from going online and creating digital invitations.

A Design Like a Pro!

Have you thought of a theme your wedding invitation would have? Do you like an invite with florals and pretty designs? Or do you want to go for a modern invite that has the couple’s picture? Whatever is your taste, wedding invitation maker apps can create anything for you.

Plus, you may make as many changes as you want till the last moment, which is probably the biggest advantage of using an online invitation maker tool. So, go ahead and make changes as per your requirements.

Save the Planet

The world is concerned about the environment. One way you can protect the planet is by eliminating the use of paper that eventually ends up in a landfill.

A wedding invite typically comprises save-the-date, venue details, and the main wedding invitation. Why waste these many pieces per household? With an invitation maker, you can create invites in as many formats and types as you want.

No Chance of Delivery Mistakes

Can’t you seem to remember Aunt Bertha’s address? Or have you sent the invite to Uncle Roger on the wrong address? Fret not! With an invitation maker app, you can send the invitation to their contact numbers or email address. If you mistype the email address, you get a response immediately, letting you know you made a mistake.

Best Invoice Maker Apps

Did you know you can use your smartphone to create your wedding invites without the need to sit in front of the PC? Sounds great, right! Thanks to the incredible invoice maker apps that have made lives easier.

To make sure you pick the right app for your big day’s preparation, we have compiled a list of the best invoice maker apps for you.

Invitation Maker Free, Paperless Card Creator

Invitation Maker Free, an app by Content Arcade, can create invites and postcards for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas, house warming, baby shower, and a lot more. With 1,000+ templates and hundreds of HD stickers, creating an invite with your favorite design is just a matter of a few clicks.


Canva is another great app that allows you to create invites for many different occasions. Canva is best known for creating social media graphics. The app also saves your projects so you can always access them and make any amendments as you like.

Invitation Maker

Invitation Maker by Greeting Island is yet another impressive tool that comes with an easy-to-use user interface. The app is not restricted to wedding invitations only but can create cards for various other occasions. You may access the tool from your PC as well.

The program has lots of attractive templates, preloaded with text, allowing you to make very few changes. You can customize color, theme, design, font, and text according to your taste. The search feature allows you to search for the theme you are looking for. However, the tool does not allow you to add your images, which is probably the only drawback of this tool.


By now, you must be aware of how easy it is to create a digital wedding invite using an online invitation maker. You have all the reasons to start using the app now. The tool would become your companion, and you can use it on many other occasions. For any couple who is looking forward to saving money, use these invite makers and make this task a piece of cake.

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