How to Update Google Play Services?

For an Android user, PlayStore is a temple where you get all that you want. It is a heavenly place where you can get every application you want. It is a hub for all the functionalities you’d ever want to add to your Android smartphone. From the essential apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram to complex applications like VSCO, Adobe Premiere, Portal, etc. PlayStore in a one-stop shop for all your digital needs. But one majorly essential thing or program that binds the PlayStore and these applications together is the Google Play Services. It is the sole programmable application which is responsible for monitoring how the apps work. It also tracks if and when they need an update. Applications without due upgrades will be out of date and probably stop working. There’s also a high possibility that they mess up your smartphone.

Now, it isn’t an application that you’ll have to find on the PlayStore like the rest of the claims. This is an application which comes pre-installed when you buy your Android phone. And most of the times the app store automatically pushes out updates to this. Since it is an essential part of the smartphone as it helps is controlling, updating, and regulating apps, it does need software updates. If not updated, your applications may not even load up and show an error. But what to do when your smartphone doesn’t push out automatic updates to this essential component. The answer is simple; you update it on your own.

What are Google Play Services?

If you’re still wondering what Google Play Services are, here’s a brief explanation. Google Play Services is a background service which continuously stays active and monitors the applications on your phone. It is the sole program which helps in loading and opening apps, and also in updating them. Services can also be called as a program which is responsible for the accurate working and functionality of the play store itself. It is right to assume that if you start seeing notifications regarding the update of Google Play Services, the app store is being revamped or restructured.

How to update it on your own?

Updating apps is easy, all you have to do is go to your PlayStore – My Apps – Update. Or go to the search bar, type in the name of the app you’d like to check for updates, and hit refresh if it’s available. However, updating Services isn’t that easy. It a little tricky especially because you won’t find it even through the search bar. If Google pushes out large updates for the Services, you are bound to get a notification in your notification bar. Tapping on it will take you to an app page, where you’ll be able to update the Services.

There is another way to check for updates, and we’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is visit this link – Google Play Services – and you should be greeted by a page which lets you update your Services. If the button shows “Deactivate” you can assume your Services are up to date. We recommend you open this link via your smartphone.

However, often while just opening apps, you might see a pop-up message stating that Google Play Services has stopped working/responding. It is nothing to worry about, and no, Services don’t need an update. Clearing the cache should do the job. Here’s how you do it-

Open “Settings” – Navigate to “Apps” – Open “Google Play Services” – Tap on “Force Stop” (Wile doing this, there might be a pop-up asking if you’re sure) – Tap on “Clear Cache.” And voila, you’ve successfully fixed the problem.

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