How to See Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

Wondering Who Unfollowed You On Instagram? 3 Steps and You Are Right There!

Instagram is one such social networking application which is not only limited to photo sharing. It has become a platform where business dealings take place; people learn cooking, makeup and whatnot. The application is launched in the year 2010, and since then it has not looked back. A fascinating thing that is imbibed within Instagram is the follower and following aspects. In Facebook you can add people as friends; similarly, you can add people to your account, and they are called followers. Meanwhile, the ones you follow would come under the following category.

Every Instagram addict wishes to have more likes, comments, and followers. Have you ever thought of retaining your follower’s list? Have you ever wondered who unfollowed you? These are some of the essential questions for you to figure out if you are a celebrity or a public figure. To be exact, no one likes losing followers, and it is an indication that something is wrong on your profile. If you want to know the procedure to keep track of who unfollowed you on Instagram, then make sure you read the entire article.

Who Unfollowed Me? Let us Figure It Out the Manual Way

There are various ways to look at who is unfollowing you, let’s start with the basic. By staying at the top of your follower count along with specific users. In case, you are observing your follower count is going down, you can begin the investigation on the following list. By cross-checking, you can understand who unfollowed you. However, this is an extremely time-consuming activity. Especially when you have an extensive following list, this becomes practically impossible. Instead of this manual and lazy ways, you can go for a tool that is meant to do this particular work for you and keep track of who unfollowed you and how many followers you are sustaining.

Some people strictly follow a rumoured rule that they are willing to support those who follow them back. This is a common practice to increase the follower list. There are multiple methods which will help you determine who is unfollowing you on Instagram.

There are two more manual ways to track followers-

  • If the Instagram user only follows you and you don’t follow them back: If you are searching for a particular person and want to see whether he/she follows you despite you not following, then use this method.

Instagram has recently added a feature that will show you ‘Follow back’ if users are following you, but you have not followed them back. This means if you are visiting an Instagram profile of someone which you are not following, it shows you a ‘Follow Back’ button. This means they have unfollowed you.

  • If you and the Instagram user mutually follow each other: When both of you support each other on Instagram, it turns out to be a complex scene. This is because Instagram displays a check mark on accounts you are presently following. This is regardless of whether it is mutual or not.

There are several ways of doing it. Firstly, you can unfollow them and look whether the Follow back button is visible or not. This is no doubt an easy option, but the other person will come to know that you are following the account again. In case, the account is private you need to send a request for following the account again. Secondly, you can keep a check on your follower list. You can go to your profile>click on the follower’s list> count the list, if it is less that means people are unfollowing you.


Applications that Help People To Check their Unfollower List

Follow Meter is an application that helps you know more about your Instagram account far more than you can see. It can show you the unfollower list, secret admirers and also ghost followers. Once you are down downloading the application from your Android or iOS device, you will be prompted to sign in through your Instagram account through the application.

You will be introduced with a dashboard enlisting all the unfollower’s list along with new follower. You can also see users who are not following you and vice-versa. Follow meter is devised well to adjust with the changes with the Instagram API. Thus, it is allowing the users to check everything that they are undergoing with their account.

Are Unfollower Reporting Applications Safe?

Instagram is cracking down on its API for security reasons. This means that the third party follower tracking applications are limiting their user access. In case, you are using an application that is claiming to show you who is unfollowing you and they are not displaying accurate results, it might so happen that the API is restricting the action.

Many people desperately want to keep track of their unfollower list and to do that; they are ready to use any third party application. But, it is necessary to be concerned about the safety of your Instagram account too. Instagram does not favour using third-party applications with your account, as claimed these applications are quite safe and less risky to run them.

However, it is essential to make your decision before signing up. You must know that moderation key is always under the monitoring aspect. For example, enabling any automation that will show us the follower and unfollower list, your Instagram account may go under the spam section. On the other hand, merely checking these list will not help to gain attention on a networking site, which is large in its spectrum.

At times, there have also been cases where people were forced to shut down their account because of the third-party applications. This happened due to over usage and excessive automating task. Moreover, some accounts are also banning the use of third-party applications. 

Hope, this article was helpful for you. Know more about the Instagram unfollower list from us, and we will surely come up with new strategies and ideas.


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