How to Save Snapchat Videos & Pictures?

Top 3 Amazing Ways on How to Save Snapchat Videos & Pictures

Snapchat is one of the most common photos sharing application where the pictures and videos last for a limited time. In case, you thought your selfies were silly or naughty; you can be safe with Snapchat. Several applications allow the users to save Snapchat videos and photos without sending any notification to the one who has uploaded the picture or video. A few hackers have understood that Snapchat is not deleting the images after they are viewed by others. The photos and videos are merely hidden from the users so they cannot access them. However, there are individual pictures which are too good to be deleted, hence preserving them becomes mandatory.

You are not the first person who is wondering how to think about saving Snapchat photos or videos; there are a lot of people questioning about it. But, moving ahead there is good news for everyone who can save Snapchat pictures and videos. On the other hand, the Snapchat application notifies any sender if their photo has been captured as a screenshot. However, the scenario can easily take care of. Let us explore some applications whereby you can save Snapchat photos. Let’s get started.

Procedure to Save Snapchat Pictures

  • Go to the Google Play and Download the SnapCapture App.
  • Once prompted, enter your ID and password for Snapchat.
  • Then, open SnapCapture the moment next time you receive a Snap from your friend. But, Do not open the message. SnapCapture only saves those images which are not opened on the Snapchat application.
  • After you are done saving the photo, Tap the download button by locating it on the right-hand side. Therefore, now you can download any unopened Snapchat messages and quickly open them in the app.
  • Upon finishing the download process, check your phone’s gallery as you can see a new folder SnapCapture.

Know How to Save A Snapchat Video

As you have known how to save pictures from Snapchat, you will also be interested to know how can you save videos from Snapchat. To begin with, there are several ways to save Snapchat videos. At times, videos are so good you just cannot let them vanish. Therefore, have a look at the ways you can preserve your Snapchat Videos.

  • First, create a place where you want to save the videos. To do this, go to the Settings option and locate the Memories folder. From there, you must move on by selecting the Save and select memories option. Further, choose memories and camera roll as your recommended options.
  • Secondly, before you are about to send the snap or any of your stories, tap on the icon saying -Save. Otherwise, it will not save your video on the space that you created.

Save Snapchat Stories from Someone Else

Sometimes, pictures posted by your friends seem too dear that you want to save them, but you are not aware of the right steps. Do not worry, we have got you covered on how to save snap from other’s stories.

Step 1: The stories uploaded by others can be a little tricky to save.  You can take a screenshot, and if you take a screenshot, the sender will be notified. Discussions aired that if you switch off the network connection, then the sender’s notification regarding screenshot might be avoided, but it does not work like this. It’s just the process is delayed for some time.

Step 2: You can use another phone and record the video when it plays on the screen. The only concern is the quality of the video and the sound. It will not be near to the original one. However, if by chance, you can nail the recording then you might be successful in saving your favorite video.

Step 3: Third party apps can be your savior if none of the methods works for you. However, it is risky to get hold of these applications as Snapchat has security options which may block the application. It may hamper your Snapchat in pursuit of saving videos and photos; you might lose out on all your pictures and videos. Be careful while using third-party applications and apply accurate methods to save pictures and videos along.

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