How to Resolve Google Play Services Update Error?

6 Easy Tips To Solve How To Resolve Google Play Services Update Error

Ever faced Google Play Services update error? If you have then this article might interest you, because I am going to tell you how can you fix this error. People use Google Play every day for downloading millions of applications across the globe. At times, it ceases to work and displays you with some error messages. Supposedly, you have found an interesting app, and you wish to download it on your phone, but to your utter dismay, you can only see a cryptic error message containing random numbers from Google Play Store. Isn’t it irritating? Moreover, it might also display errors while you are updating an application or want to delete any application. Therefore, I have come up with a comprehensive and accessible guide on how can you relieve yourself from this error.

Firstly, you must know what the reasons for ‘Google Play services Stopped’ message are. There are some reasons that can cripple GooglePlay Store all of a sudden. Your internet connection can be one factor, or maybe your android version is obsolete, or it might so happen that Google itself is having some issues and the fix is not out yet. Secondly, let us straight move to the solutions.

Quick Solutions On Resolving Google Play Services Update Error

Google Play Services is one application that keeps all your applications on the line. It works as a Software update manager for all the Google applications. This includes all your favorite Google Photos, Android device manager, Gmail, Play Music and hundreds of other applications. Therefore, now you must understand the error in Google Play can be a frustrating factor. Look out for the solutions and see whether you can solve the update issue.

Solution 1: Update Google Play Services

You might experience errors due to the working of an obsolete version or the one that is having a conflict with the present Android version within the phone.

Solution 2: Clear Google Play Services Cache

As you know, Google Play Services application on your phone acts as a standard framework for all the installed applications. You can try cleaning up the cache data and check whether this procedure is helping you fix the issue. Follow the easy way on how you can do it.

Go to Settings > Apps, then scroll down to the option called ‘All Apps’ and then move to Google Play Services application. Now, open the app details and select the Force Stop option. After you are done with this, you can tap on the Clear Cache option, and all your cache data will be deleted.

Solution 3: Clear Google Services Framework cache

The Google services framework is responsible for storing information and helps your phone maintain the sync with Google Servers. Also, it helps your Google Play Services run smoothly. Now, this could be one of the reasons that you are unable to get connected to Google Play Services. For this, the essential factor is deleting the framework cache. Now check the steps by which you can remove the framework cache.

Open Settings. Scroll to the All Apps section and then Scroll down to the Google Services framework application. After you open the app details, select the Force Stop option and then Tap on the Clear Cache option. Hence, you are done with deleting the Framework Cache.

Solution 4: Check your internet connection

It might so happen that your WiFi is blocking the Ip addresses that Google has been using. You can also try changing the Wifi on your phone or maybe disconnect everything and then go for reconnecting by putting in the passwords. Similarly, if you are using the mobile data, your internet connection can be a reason for the error. You can switch it off an on and connect it again to conduct a test on whether the error is resolved or it is persisting.

Solution 5: Simple Reboot

Anyway, this is the simplest solution of all. You can reboot your tablet or phone and fix the problem quickly.

Solution 6: Install custom ROM

There are certain things that you can do externally to fix specific issues. Install a custom ROM which is stable and has no bugs. Moreover, you can also check your custom ROM’s section that caters to any Android version firmware.

Solve Google Play Services Update Error within minutes by following these solutions carefully.

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