How to Deactivate or Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

Know How to Deactivate or Delete Instagram Account Permanently But Save your Collection Beforehand!

At the very moment, social media sites are not favored by much of the people. The social networking sites have become monotonous for some people, and hence, many people are resorting to getting away from them permanently. One such social media site is Instagram which is facing a lot of criticisms. Quitting social media is no more a surprise if someone does so, it is wholly taken as a normal aspect. Are you wondering how to deactivate or delete an Instagram account permanently? Go through the article and get an accurate picture of how you can complete the process.

A lot of studies have suggested that Instagram is one picture sharing platform which is the reason for a lot of damages. This includes taking a toll on people’s mental health and also a reason for depression. This photo sharing app’s infinitely strong photostream is designed to keep you engaged with the app as long as possible. However, there is a new addition known as IGTV that allows users to upload long hour videos which were earlier not possible on Instagram. There can be various reasons for deleting an Instagram account, let us not get into that. Instead look at the steps on how you can remove the account.

Quick Steps To Delete Instagram Account Temporarily and Permanently

In case, you only want to delete your account for a temporary purpose; you will not lose any of your photos. Also, whenever you log in, you can see everything residing in the same place. There is another way to delete your Instagram account which is irreversible. After you delete your account, all your photos, videos like, followers will be gone forever. Furthermore, you will not be able to use the same username to open a new account or use the same username with another account.

To begin with, you must know, you cannot delete an Instagram account from the application. It can be done via a web browser, on your phone or PC or tablet.

Check out how you can Deactivate Instagram

Follow the steps to go ahead with deactivating the account.

  • Open Instagram on your web browser and log into your account. You can’t deactivate an Instagram account from within the application.
  • After opening Instagram on the browser, navigate to your profile page and click ‘Edit Profile.’
  • You will see an option ‘Temporarily disable my account’ at the bottom of the web page.
  • Locate the drop-down menu adjacent to this option- Why are you disabling your account’?
  • Choose the option that is suitable for you.
  • Enter your Instagram password when prompted.
  • After this, you can select -Temporarily Disable Account.

Have a look at the Step To Permanently Deleting the Instagram Account

  • Open the Instagram website and log in by entering your ID and Password.
  • As you know, you cannot delete the Instagram from within the application.
  • Locate ‘Delete Your Account’ option.
  • Find the drop-down menu adjacent to the option that says- Why are you deleting your account?
  • Select a suitable option and re-enter the password when it is prompted.
  • You will see an option-permanently delete my account, Click on this option.
  • Open the drop-down which is next to the option -Why are you deleting your account? And choose the option which is suitable for you.

Note: Before you permanently delete your account, it is essential to download and save a copy of all the photos and videos that you have shared on this platform. Deleting account is your choice, but keeping your collection is what we think is essential for you.

Hope this article was helpful to you and if any queries get back to us for more updates and information.


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