Guide on how to use the Pokemon Card Maker App

Pokemon Card Maker App

When you hear the word pokemon a sense of nostalgia strikes and you can help but smile at all the fun you had back in the day when Pokemon dominated every kind of market. Now if you are a fan of Pokemon and if you have ever wondered, what would it be like if you were given a chance to create a Pokemon. Well, let me tell you something, there are a ton of apps which let you do just that. Apps like Card Maker for Pokemon(for Android), Card Builder for Pokemon(for IOS) let you do just that. If you are not interested in downloading an app you can simply go to pokemon card maker app and start making your own new Pokemon.

How to Create a Pokemon

  • To create a Pokemon is very simple all you need to do is download an android or IOS app or just go to the mentioned website.
  • Next, upload an image of the Pokemon you want to create.
  • Now you will need to fill in fields like Type, Name, Species, Length, Weight, HP of your Pokemon.
  • You can also choose if your Pokemon evolves and the stages of evolution that the Pokemon has.
  • You will also need to add your Pokemon’s attacks which include the attack name the amount of damage it does and give a little info on the type of attack it is.
  • You can also add a weakness to your Pokemon if it has any.
  • Finally, you have the Resistance and Retreat option that you can give to your pokemon to finish creating your favorite Pokemon.
  • Once done, click on the create Pokemon button and your all-new Pokemon card will be created.

That is it! You can now print out your custom made pokemon and use it to play it with your friends.


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