Google Play Store Not Working? Here’s the Solution

5 Easy Hacks to Solve Google Play Store Not Working

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The Google Play Store is one app that caters to all other applications which are used on the phone. It is a mediator between them, and as usual, we take this app for granted. No one bats an eye on the Google Play on regular days, but the moment it stops working, the sky seems falling above you. Now, you are unable to download any application. Seems pretty frustrating right? To begin with, there is no accurate manual on how to fix Google Play store not working issue. Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the possible fixes.

Fixing Google Play Store Not Working- Top Solutions

Ensure the problem is not with Google. Inspect whether other issues are generating this error for Google Play.

  1. Just force close the Google Play application. You can do this by opening Google Play in your multitasking app switcher. Or else, you can also open the Settings option, go to Applications and from there easily force close Google Play Store.
  2. Turning on the airplane mode can be one good option for restoring the Google Play Store. Connectivity at times can create trouble for the applications. Hence, if you turn on Airplane mode and then again turn it off, the Google Play Store might get fixed on its own.
  3. Toggling WiFi is another way to fix Google Play Store issues. As mentioned earlier connectivity issues can be a trouble for running your application. Therefore, settlement in the WiFi can at times solve the problem.
  4. Cache memory is a fantastic tool. It helps to store data locally by reducing data usage and good loading speed. However, the unfortunate part is that sometimes older used data pile up and it can make the application sluggish. Hence, you must clear cache data regularly. To delete Cache data simply follow the given instructions:
  • Go to the Settings option
  • Select ‘Applications’
  • Locate Google Play Store
  • Open the application
  • Scroll down and find ‘Clear Cache’option
  • Delete the Cache Memory

Additional Solutions

  1. Deleting Play Store Data is another valid option if memory seems to be an issue. If you have not cleaned the Google Play Store data for a long time, its high time, you execute this action. To do this, Go to Settings, then locate the App manager as you did for clearing cache data. Now, instead of hitting the clear cache option, choose ‘Clear Data
  2. Alternatively, you can also have a look at the apps which are on the disable mode. You must keep in mind that specific applications require the support of another application to work correctly. This holds especially when you are working with system applications. If you happen to disable any applications recently, then that might be the cause for your Google Play Store not working. Remember the recent deleted application and run for a cover immediately.
  3. Removal of Proxy and VPN settings can also help in solving the issue. There are a lot of VPN or proxy users who are encountering problems. You deactivate the settings under the WiFi option and can access it by ‘tap and hold’ method on your router name and then click on the Advanced option. Also, you can check the VPN settings under the More section in the Wireless and network option under Settings.

Wrapping Up With Recommendations

Can the issue be with the Google Services itself? Yes, it is possible to have issues with the services. As you all know that Google’s applications act as the centrifugal force for running any Android device. Google Play service is recently showing up with a lot of updates precisely at the same time when you are trying to download any other application. Moreover, many of you do not have any idea about its utility, but precisely it happens to be the pillar for your device.

Any technical breakdown is not unnatural, unlike other applications, Google Play Store can also suffer from issues. Try clearing cache data or removing and signing back into your Google account and you will solve the problem. The steps mentioned above are elementary and easy to execute. Just work with the Google Play services instead of Google Play Store, and you will never have to face additional issues again. Try to maintain the device and its application to avoid severe damage.


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