Best Survival Games for Android

Survival games are an exciting bunch of games. Practically all games have a segment where you can dissipate the game by sinking. Nevertheless, survival games execute the routine of staying active during the critical element in the game. It is a reasonably robust style amidst numerous excellent headlines. There aren't a ton of real survival games on mobile. In most cases, you’re watching at a different experience that combines survival mechanics accompanying with other genres as well. If you are trying to save yourself then here are some of the excellent survival games for your Android device.


Stars is a tactics entertainment game with survival components. The aim is to maintain your planetoids and catch other planets. You do it undeviatingly, and you are taking over every planet. One wrong move makes you lose all of your planetoids to the antagonists, and you will miss the level. The contest claims 150 strategic levels like Android TV functionality, regional and online multiplayer, multiple game modes, four thousand graphics, and Nvidia Shield assistance. It is a bit of a weak candidate for a survival game; still, it is harder not to succumb in this game.


It has so several diverse gaming ingredients that it will blow your mind. You will get to know about RPG, survival, movement, venture, and even monstrosity collection. This entertainment survival game orbits about the intergalactic trucker who goes stranded on an unknown planet. Your mission is to combat the evil guys, construct a base, save your lost packages, and protect the planet from darkness. It is profoundly deep, has over five hundred objects that you can craft.

Moreover, you can also tame aliens to struggle and fight beside you. There is cloud keeping assistance and achievements. It also appears at a modest price and is one of the different survival games among the list.

Day R Survival:

It is another tremendous easy, free and premium survival game. The entirety happens in the USSR. It covers 2,700 places on an enormous big map, tons of things to discover, and relatively a player will have average survival experience. You must stave off starvation, save yourself from zombies, and dodge radiation wherever feasible. It also flaunts an RPG sequence order for abilities like security, mechanics, chemistry, and many such objects. It is a surprisingly an excellent survival game for its cost, known as freemium. The game should be entertaining for everyone.

Don't Starve Pocket Edition:

Pocket Edition is one of the critical successful survival games. Your task is to survive and thrive in a merciless wasteland. Lacking the strength to endure will result in your swift and premature death. Like maximum games in the class of the survival contests, you have to accumulate supplies, utilize your surroundings for your profits, and do everything that demands you to exist. Shipwrecked is another game in the line and it is as good as the original one but set in a diversified background. Both contests are $4.99 with no minimum in-app purchases.

Scott Cawthorn’s Five Nights at Freddy’s games

It is among the first top-rated horror survival games introduced on Android. The notion is that you imagine a figure who is attached in a place with self-possessed animatronic robots and you need to keep your sights on them. Or else they will destroy you. The games seem to be simple, but there is a more in-depth storyline under all of it. Gradually can try to estimate as you knock others in each game. Differently, the mechanics are relatively simple, and it is an excellent title for those who fancy jumping scares. There are a total of five games in the series.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

It is one of the most successful survival games on mobile. You have to deduce sources, lift stuff, create stuff, and combat bad guys to stay alive. Besides, it possesses a shooter and zombie apocalypse components. With a proper YouTube association for tips, tricks, and tutorials it is a freemium game and professionals can buy protection schemes.

Nonetheless, and perhaps ironically, not purchasing anything makes exceptionally challenging to survive in the game. The nature of the game is compelling, but people who do not favor freemium games may not support the game. Jurassic Survival is similar to this game when it comes it the mechanics and the gameplay strategy.


The game is a chain of survival games. There are seven contests in total, including Lifeline, Lifeline 2, Lifeline: Silent Night, and Lifeline: Whiteout. Each game supports another individual that you can talk and work employing something like a radio or receiver.

Your purpose is to assist them to make choices and breathe long enough to observe the result of the game. The text is the single element you can view in the game. Gratitude to this plainness, the game operates well on Android. The more modern games incorporate elements like Android Wear support so you can still play the games on your smartwatch. They are economical, do not have any ads, including no in-app purchases.


It is one of the world's familiar but favorite survival games on any stage. It is also an excellent game for imaginative people and comprises of additional stuff. Survival Mode is the essence of what survival games should mean. For those who are not aware, Minecraft sets you in a randomly created world, and then you can do whatever you desire. You can construct things, mine anything, kill things, grow things, and precisely do anything you want. Microsoft prepared some great moves with Minecraft in 2016 and 2017. The new steps entitle you to play this game with people on the desktop and Xbox One. It stands to be one of the rare cross-platform games for mobile, PC, tablets, and Xbox One.

Out There:

It is perhaps one of the common underrated survival games. The assumption is that you are a spaceman who has awakened up from a cryogenic nap. You are in the midst of a strange place, abandoned, and in urgent requirement of stocks. You will aim to repair your vessel, find sources, and breathe. It also highlights a procedurally made universe so none of the games will be identical. Out There is a mature game and utterly different in its core mechanics from the now famous No Man Sky. It also has no in-app investing.


Despite implying a board game, Pandemic is one of the most potent survival games on the list. The concept is that you act for the CDC and you are mostly trying to stop the global scope of communicable infections. It is kind of similar to The Walking Dead from happening. You will walk throughout the board, securing the resources inevitable to cure infections.

Meanwhile, the game will generate bugs at irregular intervals and seldom in large amounts. It is somewhat like an opposite of Plague Inc which is also another excellent survival game. This game is costing about $6.99, and the in-app purchases are continuing extensions.

Plague Inc:

Another popular free mobile survival game is Plague Inc. It is a strategy game with survival ingredients. You are expected to craft a virus that infects the entire world. The game highlights a surprisingly vivid explosive AI. The developers were requested to speak at a CDC conference in Atlanta because it was so accurate and useful. Additionally, it has to save/load functionality, 12 attack models to pick from, extension packs, leaderboards, and performances. True survival enthusiasts may not find complete survival components in this match to include it as a part of the class, but we do, and the game is phenomenal.


PUBG Mobile has a remarkable quantity of survival components for a shooter game. You and 99 other contestants descend upon an island, and the purpose is to live. You have approximately 100 different players to trade — additionally, the playable space contracts as the game proceeds. Consequently, staying active and alive is a role of conflict, conditions, and location. The mechanics are notably satisfactory for a mobile shooter, and there are all varieties of objects to spot while you are on the island.


It is unquestionably amongst the genuine and pure survival games. Your only aim is substantive survival. That entails crafting essential agents, drinking water, getting food, and obtaining shelter. The game drives you to achieve all of the components in a simulation technique. The graphics are simplistic, but the competition is shockingly hard. The game had unexpected new problems, but most of them are now corrected. The developer is operating on a massive update that modifies a lot of things. Though, as of now, it is running version 319, and this incorporates ads in the open version and the premium version as well. You get to decide the value for the freemium account. Amazing isn't it?

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