Best Sewing Machine apps for Android

Best Sewing Machine apps for Android

Most people own smartphones, and a huge chunk of them use the phones to download apps for hobbies or special interests from the respective platform stores.
If your interest is in stitching, did you know that various stitching apps can help you perfect your craft?
From pattern design to project organization and even sewing classes, you can find almost every type of app to help you with most sewing tasks.

Below is a close up look at some of the best sewing machine apps for Android devices.

1. Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker

This app helps sewers keep track of all the sewing essentials and is divided into three main parts.
Section 1 keeps tabs on your basic stuff such as your fabrics, threads, feet, sewing machines, patterns, and body measurements.
Each category allows you to store all the describing features or information, along with a photograph and this makes it very easy for referencing.
Section 2 is a tools section that gives you access to a flashlight for lighting up the work area, which is essential if you are hand stitching or if the sewing machine does not have work area lights. Other tools provided include a ruler, an inch to yard converter and a thread converter.
Section 3 gives a sewing reference, showing the general terminologies in the sewing world. It also shows a sewing machine diagram, size conversions between American and European standards, needle types and diagrams, a button size chart and a yardage chart.

2. How to cut and sew

Although this app does not have its own original content (it pulls data from wikiHow), it does organize the information very well for easy referencing when working on different types of projects.
Some of the instructions given include how to sew a dress, how to sew a button and how to make a tie among many others.

3. Sewing and Patterns

Think of this as an Instagram version for sewing enthusiasts only. The app brings together a community of sewers who upload their projects while explaining how they did it.
The rest of the community is free to ask questions and learn to improve their skills while also expanding their creativity.

4. Sewing classes: Sewing for beginners

This app is basically a class, providing educational videos in the subject of sewing only. Basically what it does is to organize the relevant training video links from YouTube and presents them from one location.
Once you select the video that you are interested in, the app links you to YouTube so that you can watch it from there.

5. Sew Organized

As the name suggests, this app is all about helping you organize your work. It has a project management feature that enables you to list every detail about your project, including the cost and due date. There is also a shopping reminder that lists all the things that you need to buy for the respective projects.
Other than that, an inspirations tab keeps you up to date with the most exquisite products that you can make and includes a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it. This might give you the “inspiration” you need to improve the quality of your projects.


With the specialization that mobile apps give you, you no longer have to search broadly over the internet just to find information about sewing. The good thing is that these apps are free and thus, you will enhance your sewing skills at no extra cost.

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