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Best NuWave Air Fryers

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a machine that does the work of a deep fryer without the use of oil. In air fryers, the food is surrounded by air instead of oil. The concept of an air fryers is very basic, but it is innovative in its own way.

We often feel like we are being burned when we stand under the scorching hot sun on a summer afternoon. The air fryer uses the same concept. With the help of a heating element, the food is heated, and the exhaust fan moves the air in the chamber to ‘fry’ the food.

Here are best air fryers from NuWave:

NuWave Brio Deluxe Air Fryer

Just like any other air fryer, the nuwave brio deluxe air fryer uses hot air to ‘fry’ food instead of any kind of unhealthy oils. It is the features that this product holds which make it different from any other air fryer. It has an auto pre-heat feature which makes it easier to cook fries and other delicacies. This hot air fryer saves the fast food junkies from the fast harms caused by the food they eat. It uses hot air combined with air circulation or movement as heating processes.

It has a safety feature that prevents the machine from working unless the basket is in place. The basket is easy to wash as well.

NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryer, Black

This model has a differently designed basket, the basket has grates provided on it for better and even heating. It has a digital LED control system that allows accurate results. The advanced safety feature prevents the air fryer from over-heating unless the basket is in place. It also has an auto-preheat feature that ensures better cooking as well. Although there is no specific requirement of pre-heating, households largely use this method for better cooking results. It also offers a wide range of temperatures. It has a non-stick surface, and it retails at a price of $89.88.

Nuwave Brio 3 Qt. Air Fryer

This air fryer has a pre-heat function and auto safety shut off function. The Brio Air Fryer combines hot air with high-speed air circulation so you can cook your favorite fried foods by using little to no oil. It has a LED touch control panel. It comes with a retractable cord storage, stainless steel cooking rack, a removable drawer and food basket.

According to customer reviews, this model’s performance is really great.

NuWave 10-qt. Digital Air Fryer

This model of nuwave air fryer can cook a wide range of foods. The auto preheat feature ensures accurate cooking at desired temperatures. It also has a reheat function. It has a digital control panel as well. This air fryer has a plastic exterior, and it also has dishwasher-safe attachments. It retails at 10,977 INR.

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