Best Domain Name Generators on the Web

A good domain name should give your customers an idea about your business. You should make it relevant and easy to pronounce. This also contributes to making it recognisable among people. People remember things which sounds simple and yet catchy enough to hold their attention. So, with over millions of websites out there, how do you come up with one which is simple, recognisable, catchy and relevant all at the same time?

That is what Domain Name Generators are for. After you enter the seed keywords of your domain name, you are prompted with the most common extensions, namely, .com, .net, .org, etc. to go with it. Once you select your TLD, you are provided with a list of domain names you can pick for your business. Sounds easy? Let’s find out.

Here’s a list of the best domain name generators that you will find on the web:


The best thing about DomainTyper is that it is both a free domain name finder and a domain name search tool. As the name suggests, it starts showing suggestions as you type your keyword. You don’t need to click anything. As the suggestions appear, you can add or remove the suggested domain names any which way you like. DomainTyper also shows you the available social media usernames. It is this multifaceted character of the tool which makes it all the more awesome. Another exciting feature of this tool is that it gives you a list of Domain Hacks which suggests to you excellent ways you can choose your domain name.


This is one of the best domain name generators when you have multiple keywords. It provides you with a vast array of suggestions depending on a multitude of categories. These domain name suggestions are divided into groups which lets you quickly choose from which type your business pertains to. How cool is that? Well, the fact that it provides you with this many suggestions might take some time for you to make a final decision. If you are a perfectionist and would like to exhaust all possible domain names to get the best one, this tool is the one for you. Given the fact that your domain name plays such great importance on your website, it is okay if you have to spend a little more time to find your perfect match.


DomainsBot is a great tool which suggests synonyms from its in-built thesaurus to help you find the best domain names possible. This enables you to customise your domain name with some extra words with the seed keyword, which you might have never thought of earlier. This might help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to finding a catchy domain name. This tool provides you just that. It gives you to customise the prefixes and suffixes to your TLDs until you are satisfied with the one you like the best. This one lets you great creative with your domain names.


Impossibility! is yet another creative tool to customise your domain name to your liking. Along with the seed keyword, it lets you add another descriptive word with it, be it an adjective, noun, verb, etc. What’s really interesting is that it gives you the possibility to let you choose where you want the word to be added, whether it be in the end or the beginning or the middle. However, this tool is only for .com extensions and so if you are looking for a domain name with the most common and the most widely used extension, you can go with Impossibility!

Domain Puzzler

This domain name search tool is different in the way that it lets you type multiple keywords and provides you with the combination of those keywords. This tool gives you the liberty of choosing any number of keywords with your seed keyword. So extra brownie points for this one. However, Domain Puzzler does not give you any additional keywords suggestions. You have to provide all the keywords. This tool is great if you are already prepared with multiple keywords for your domain name. It then takes you through all the possibilities of combination of these keywords. So all you need to do is type in your desired keywords and sit back. Let the tool do everything else for you.


The BustAName domain name generator is a little different from the other tools in the list. It lets you be specific about the details of your keywords and hence come up with the most accurate and original domain name for you. You will have to give it some time and thought when you are getting into the specifics. But this is worth it since it helps in coming up with the most original yet catchy domain name for your business. The tool lets you type your seed keyword and then where it should appear along with the domain name, giving you the control over how natural it should sound. You also need to input the number of total characters—how long you want your domain name to be.


Nameboy provides you with the extra tool to go beyond your most common TLD .com. This tool provides you with multiple domain names with the same keywords that you provide. Again, with the same input, it gives you suggestions in multiple TLDs as well. You only have to type the seed keywords you want in your domain name. You can also choose if you want the domain names to rhyme. Isn’t it awesome? Additionally, you also have the option of adding hyphens to your domain name. Nameboy is the best tool for you if you want to experiment and diversify your TLDs.


This tool is created by the same team Automattic which runs the platform. So you should rest assured that this is quite an experience one in the game. This tool is rather easy to use. You just have to type in your seed keyword and let the magic happen by itself. It comes up with hundreds of suggestions to choose from. And most of them are available for the .com TLD. Since this tool is so easy to use, this is more comfortable for noobs who do not have much idea about how a domain name works. All of the work is done for you once you provide the seed keyword.

Now you have a comprehensive list of the best domain name generators on the web. Whether you want a detailed generator or a simple one, we have it all for you. Choose the one which suits you the most and let the magic begin.

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