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An Emulator[1] is a hardware or software which allows one computer system, known as the host system to act as another computer system. An Emulator allows the host system to use the software or peripheral devices designed for the guest system. For example, an Android Emulator for PC is a software that allows computers or laptop’s to use google play as one of the platforms for downloading games and other apps. Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate or imitate another program or device.

People use Android emulators for many reasons on a PC or a computer system. They mostly use it for gaming reasons as it feels better to play a game on a PC screen than playing on a tiny mobile screen. It is easier for Android app developers to test their apps on computers rather than trying them out on their mobiles. Since laptop’s and computers work differently than mobiles, it is good to test out apps on both the devices. Laptops and computers provide a bigger screen to work on, and as a result, it is easier to catch flaws and mistakes. It will also help game players to improve their gaming experience.

There are many emulators out there; it is very confusing to choose from them. Many emulators have a very slow speed, and they have a lot of glitches in their system or working as well. So here is a list of emulators that have good ratings and can be used for downloading games supported by android systems.

Best Android Emulator for PC


Bluestacks is a great emulator if you are looking for a software that allows you to play games on your PC. It is a very well known emulator, and it follows a simple downloading process as well. It is a very reliable software, and it is used widely by many people.

Bluestacks is mainly used for downloading games to the computer, but it can also be used for installing other apps on google play like WhatsApp for PC. For example, it would be great if you could see your aesthetical Instagram profile on a large screen.

Bluestacks offers two versions. One of the versions involves monthly payment. The free version works fairly well too. Bluestacks has a very simple and systematic design. When you open its homepage, it feels like you are looking at your mobile but with a larger screen. The free version displays some adds, but this is not a major issue.

Bluestacks+N is the latest version but it is still in beta, and it also has windows and mac version.


If you are looking for an android emulator for PC which is completely free, AndY is the best choice for you. The only problem with this emulator is that it is very bulky. There are many extras in it which you should decline before installing AndY. AndY follows the basic principle of emulators which is bringing the good gaming experience to computers or laptops.

One great feature of this software is that you can use your phone as a gamepad as well. So if you have the habit of using your phone for playing games, switching to a computer won’t be that difficult. You can also use an Xbox or PlayStation controller.


Nox stands next to bluestacks in the ‘best emulator’ list. It is a really simple and fast android emulator for PC. In Nox, you can use any gamepad, and you can also perform android gestures. It really excels the android to PC feature. As a user, you will not feel like you are playing your game on some other system. This software allows you to make shortcuts for different commands or actions. It is like bluestacks, but it has a free download process.


This android emulator’s full name is MeMU play. Hence it becomes clear that it is a gaming based software. This software allows its users to enhance their gaming experience by including a lot of mapping options. You can download or install softwares or games from google play, or you can also download apks.

Android studio

This is an official emulator, and it belongs to Google. This android emulator is explicitly made for windows. It helps users to use or test apps that are initially made for android. The main use of this emulator is to test apps in development. People don’t usually use this software for gaming. This android emulator is made for app developers, and it features don’t correspond to gaming, and it doesn’t really contribute to improving your gaming experience.


AMIDuOS is the best android emulator for PC that you can find, but it is relatively new in the emulator marketplace. The classification of its versions is almost funny; it comes in two types lollipop and jelly bean. This emulator is pretty expensive, the lollipop version costs $15, and the jelly bean version costs $10. But these are only one time charges; if you are okay with paying a one-time fee, then you can go ahead with AMIDuOS.

This android emulator does not focus on gaming; it is a productivity increasing emulator. App developers use this emulator for testing apps.

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