Best Android Apps to Modify Your Next Instagram Post

Best Android Apps to Modify Your Next Instagram Post

Now that Instagram is propelling towards a Facebook-like algorithmic feed, making photos that stand out, the need for additional editing application simply became a great deal additional vital. Instagram is nice, because of the app’s integral filters and the piece of writing options, which are forty now. They are not nearly as robust because the ones you will be getting from third-party apps. This article is featuring dozens of tools to change and edit your pictures, with all the quality adjustable settings from brightness to highlights.


It is a fascinating application as it’s not just a photo editing software, but it can also be used for a social networking purpose. It is kind of similar to Instagram as the editing capabilities are insufficient. However, it is offering a sliding adjustment for brightness, clarity, sharpness, contrast, highlights, temperature, skin tone along with other options. Also, it allows you to tint your photos in different colors or add a vignette effect. Moreover, there are several free filters which come along with the VSCO Cam.


This is Google’s photo editing application which is by far one of the best. All thanks to its unbelievable control that you can have over your pictures. It has nine photo editing tools for tweaking your photos, as well as a brush tool that allows you to select resolution exposure, saturation and appearance temperature; and a restorative tool that allows you to take away blemishes or erase objects from photos altogether. Snapseed additionally has its own set of filters that are sorted into eleven different classes, as well as Retrolux, Noir and Glamour Glow. In contrast to Instagram, Snapseed allows you to fine-tune filter outcomes by modifying characteristics like brightness, saturation and composition strength.


Pixlr an Android and iOS application could be a photo-editing and filter app that permits you to build your own Instagram-like filter with effects, overlays, and forms. The application incorporates a form of photo-editing tools, together with a red eye fixer and appearance, temperature, variation, luster, and saturation changes. Moreover, brush tools are used for brightening, darkening and pixelating components of your exposure.


Over is an Android as well as iOS application. The price starts from $3.99 (£3.08 or AU$5.39) for robot users and is free for iOS users, but it additionally has in-app purchases. This app allows a lot of concern for dressing up your photos and add a piece of writing on them. The most distinctive feature of Over is that the ability to highlight creative text or overlays to your pictures. If you have ever seen those sacred Instagram pics overlaid with exalting words or phrases like “Wanderlust” or “good vibes,” they are in all probability victimization Over. The basic version of Over offers a restricted piece of writing capabilities and a few free graphics text styles and offers three kinds of free designs regularly.

Word Swag

Word Swag is an Android and iOS photo editing application. The purchase price ranges from 3.99 dollars (£3.08 or AU$5.39) for Android users and $4.99 (£4.99 or AU$7.99) on iOS. Like Over, the main attribute is attaching artificial text to your pictures. The most vital distinction between the two application is that the leisure using Word Swag where the application will allow you to produce your own text. It additionally helps you to opt for specific crops for numerous social uses, like Facebook posts or covers, Pinterest and Twitter.

Photo Editor By Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary that works on Android and iOS is much a one-stop search. This photograph editor has everything, from an advanced piece of writing capabilities that includes the power to tune brightness, exposure, darknesses, highlights, light, saturation and vibrancy. Moreover, it also comprises filters, effects, and overlays. You will be able to conjointly crop and rotate photos, add text to your footage and write directly on your pictures with a style pen tool. For quick edits, photograph editor by Aviary offers options for an associate degree with added Enhance section with predetermined enhancements for various settings, like scenery, food, and night-time photos. The editing application offers several hundreds of filters, frames, stickers and inventive overlays. Interestingly, and all of that is presently free for a restricted period.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a categorical Android photo editing application offers advanced image editing and furthermore corrective editing options. For example, like red-eye improvement and spot removal. This app comes free with in-app purchases and premium options which will be accessed if you sign on along with your Adobe inventive Cloud account.

Adobe Photoshop Express has filters, frames along with cropping and image adjustment capabilities. Furthermore, all the edit options will grant you to work with exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, warmth, tint and vibrant. It conjointly includes a few additional adjustment dials that you will not even need any alternative apps. Adobe application extends the power to sharpen your image, cut back noise, defog and increase clarity.

Apart from these image editing options, you can use third-party services like to boost your followers count.

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