The Top Technologically Advanced Tools for SEO

Advanced Tools for SEO

In today's digital marketing age, having the latest SEO tools is a must. You cannot survive in this world of SEO and amidst the new trends and waves of updates without an arsenal of cloud-based gadgets at your disposal. In this article, we listed a few tools which we use on a daily basis to make sure our SEO is on point and ahead of our competitors. The premium versions of some of these tools are not free, but we have tried to make sure that a majority of them are to help the masses. So without further ado here are the must-have SEO tools a digital marketer needs today.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool is a fantastic service from the giant overlord Google itself. It's a great way to benchmark your website and its pages as well as see how user experience metrics match up on mobile as well as desktop. You get a separate score for each experience as well as small snippets of guidelines from Google about what should be fixed to better the metrics. Just like many other score-based tools you have to take this one as well with a grain of salt.

2. Rank Today Learning Center

During your SEO journey, you need a tool that will help guide you and keep you updated to the latest trends in search engine optimization and digital marketing. The best tool that we have come across which is also free is the SEO Learning Center provided by Rank Today. As a digital marketer and SEO, you get the latest tips and advice on trends, methods and new case studies which help you gain an advantage in the marketplace. They also have a plethora of SEO tools such as a free rank checker and free keyword generator that helps with measuring competition for a specific keyword as well as keyword volume.

3. Alexa Rank Checker Tool

One of the most undervalued and unheard-of tools of the decade is Alexa's Rank Checker. It provides in-depth analysis of a domain's history as well as an individual Alexa score. It also gives some insights on demographics, top keywords and a few other metrics helping you understand if your domain is anchor clean, strong and traffic heavy.

4. XML Sitemaps

Because a majority of the websites on the web use a single framework, WordPress. We decided to include this not so trivial plugin into the mix. It's a great asset for the typical SEO and it’s a plugin we use even though Yoast and All in One SEO plugin have the XML feature. Ideally, it's a standalone plugin that takes away the headache of sitemap issues once and for all. It gives you total control of what to include and what not to. As well as how often each part of the site gets updated and which type of sitemap to prioritize over another. In addition, if that was not enough it also pings the relative engines with your sitemap to help you get indexed even faster.

5. Schema Creator

What is a schema you might ask and do I really need it? Well if you want a leg up on your competition and if you want to see some impact on those SERP results, then you better answer yes. A schema is a markup that helps those Google bots read and understand your HTML even better. Think of these bits of code as GPS markers for the bots to help guide them and read the map of your site. It tells them what the page is about if its a review, a blog, an article a landing page or location, etc. With this information, the bots can decide what data to display in SERP results to help users get the best experience when searching for businesses like yours online.

Although this list is not as exhaustive as it could be we do hope that it provided some crucial insights and tools to help you with your SEO Journey. The majority if not all of these are free tools for you to use. If this article benefited you, we hope that you could comment below, share with your network and let us know if you would like an even more extensive list of free tools!

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